MobileLink™ Acetabular Cup System

Hips  –  Primary & Revision  –  Cementless

Key Features

  • Trusted Quality
  • Tailored System
  • Flexible Options

Many years of experience with successful implant systems and fixation concepts as well as the latest material and coating technologies have been taken into account and used in the design of this acetabular system.  The result is the versatile cementless MobileLink™ Acetabular Cup System.

The MobileLink™ Acetabular Cup System exists in two different versions: A cluster hole press-fit cup and a multi-hole press-fit cup.  Both versions of the shells are available in a TiCaP® double coating or a 3-dimensional TrabecuLink surface.

The TiCaP® double coating combines a highly porous surface to achieve primary fixation and an osteoconductive calcium phosphate coating, which together are intended to ensure optimal primary and secondary implant stability.

The 3-dimensional TrabecuLink structure, with its pore size, porosity and structure depth, also provides an excellent basis for promoting osteoconduction and microvascularization.

Features and Benefits

  • Cementless primary & revision options
  • Clinically proven rough TiCaP® double coating
  • 3-dimensional TrabecuLink structure for cell on-growth
  • Wide range of sizes (Ø 42–80 mm)
  • Latest bearing materials including E-DUR® polyethylene
  • Compatible with the BiMobile dual mobility inserts
  • Face changers for anatomic reconstruction
  • Compatible with new TrabecuLink augments
  • Secure – Triple locked inserts
  • Unique technology for Face changer fixation
  • 50/36 – Outside small, inside big
  • Simple instrumentation with colour coding for streamlined workflow
  • Great versatility, little inventory
  • Intraoperative flexibility
  • Variable bone screw options

The MobileLink™ Acetabular Cup System offers the choice of using either ceramic or UHMWPE Inserts. The ceramic components are made using the latest offering in orthopaedic ceramic technology – BIOLOX® delta inserts*.

UHMWPE Inserts are offered as X-LINKed® and E-DUR® (X-LINKed® Vit-E PE).  All UHMWPE Inserts are available in standard and anti-luxation designs.  The MobileLink™ Acetabular Cup System can be combined with modular offset and/or inclining Shell/Insert Adapters (Face Changers) to restore the anatomy in revision treatments. Additionally, the Shell/Insert Adapters allow the use of ceramic inserts in revision surgeries.

The MobileLink Acetabular Cup System can also be transformed into a modular dual mobility system, with the use of Dual Mobility Inserts made from EndoDur. The DM insert is to accommodate poly DM liners from the BiMobile Dual Mobility System.

    TrabecuLink Augments

    • Versatility
    • Effective Fixation
    • Reproducible Surgical Technique

    The TrabecuLink Augments offer an attractive solution in cases of segmental acetabular defects as a prosthetic alternative to structural allograft. The biocompatible material Tilastan-E and the TrabecuLink structure offer an excellent prerequisite for a stable and permanent treatment of bone defects.

    The Augments can be combined with all Link cups, in particular with the MobileLink cup, which has variable options for placing bone screws, as the Augment design allows flexibility to put bone screws through shell and Augment.

    In case of acetabular defects the combination of MobileLink with TrabecuLink Augments can be the solution to help conserve the natural patient anatomic and kinematics.

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      Our standard loan kit delivery is next day.  We can deliver pre 12 or pre 9 if specified at the time of booking.  Same day delivery can be arranged on request but please contact us to find out more.

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      Do you create custom made products?

      Custom made is an integral part of Waldemar Link.  Our dedicated team of experts and engineers have produced more than 35,000 custom made prostheses to date.  We are happy to discuss any case and offer our best solution.  Please check out our custom made page (under products) above for more info or get in touch with your local territory manager.  We'd love to hear from you.

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